Easily Discarded – CultureJam MKE

Easily Discarded
Brought to you by Live Artists Studio and CultureJam MKE
Date: Saturday, November 22nd – 7pm – 12am
Location: Independent space (first floor), 228 N. 1st. St. Milwaukee, WI 53204


Show summary:
Easily Discarded is a CultureJam exhibition of 25 outstanding Milwaukee artists challenging dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment. Each artist using an element of something discarded within their work.

The night will also include a special musical performance by Evan Christian and DJ sets by DJ Tiny Bubbles.

Experience the power of art and roll it plays in our ever-changing culture. Come out to connect, comment, discuss and enjoy this no-holds-barred exploration of Milwaukee art and artists’ cultural commentary.

Easily Discarded will take place at 228 S. 1st. St., Milwaukee, WI 53404, on Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 7pm – 12am. One night only!

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CultureJam MKE #1


The first ever CultureJam MKE show took place on July 25th and 26th at The Hide House. A DIY exhibition of critical works by 40 Local artists!
This eye-opening exhibition of outstanding local Milwaukee art talent challenged dominant notions of the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment. 40 artists came together to explore the social, economic, and ecological state of life in our world today.


Highlights of the show included the Overpass Light Brigade with their piece entitled “PROTEST!” comprised of eight 2ft x 3ft LED letters. Elias Vallejo’s “Freedom tower,” the 15 foot installation is a commentary of the state of surveillance in 2014 America and the public’s impassivity towards it. Pfister AiR finalist, Jeff Redmon’s Scott Walker inspired piece titled “Street Walker,” which makes an obvious statement about Wisconsin Governor’s pay-to-play approach to politics. And RedLine Mentor, Dara Larson’s work called “New Ownership Society – Zombie Home Milwaukee,” where she considers the convoluted pathways to home ownership thought of in the past as a natural conclusion of a strong work ethic and the American Dream.

Stay tuned for more CultureJam MKE exhibitions…

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